About me

Sandra Cano has received the PhD from the University of Cauca, Colombia in September 2016. She received her degree in Doctor in Electronic Sciences from the same University in December 2016, working in hearing impaired, untitled Methodology for designing serious games for children with cochlear implant “Metodología para el diseño de juegos serious para niños con implante coclear”. However, she worked with children with cochlear implants and children whose communication is sign language.  Creating a methodology called MECONESIS (MEtodología para la CONcepción de juEgos Serious para nIñoS con discapacidad auditiva).

She has been working in university educational issues in the Superior School of engineering in Multimedia program, University of San Buenaventura Cali, since 2015/06.

For twelve years, she worked in a private enterprise as webmaster, analyst, web developer and web and mobile developer and consultant. She has participated in  I+D+i projects national and international.

Nowadays, she works with children with disabilities in how design interactive systems adapted to theirs needs. Therefore, she researches in Human-Computer Interaction in themes related with user experience, Child-Centered Design integrating a multidisciplinary team, as: teachers, psychologist, therapist, developer, among others.

She is working in topics as: Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Multimodal Interaction, among others.

Research stays (Post-doctoral)

  • 2017: Illes Balears University working Designing interactive experiences for people with special needs (Spain)
  • 2018: Zaragoza University – Teruel working in analysis of emotions in physiological signals in thinking computational. (Spain)
  • 2019: Autonóma de Manizales University with research group in neuro-learning working in the study of EEG signals with ERP, Eyetracker and cognitive-emotional processes.  Neurophysiology Laboratory. (Colombia)

Also, i have been reviewer some journals and congress.